Still experiencing issues with
your C-Section scar tissue ?
Unfortunately, given the current standard of care for C-Section recovery, the odds are high that you have NOT undergone a formal recovery protocol!

Do you want to minimize the appearance of your C-section scar, get rid of the dreaded "C-section shelf" and improve the way your scar feels?

It is very common for C-section moms to be dealing with problems due to the poor standard of care and lack of quality C-section recovery protocols.

But it doesn't have to be this way...

I found this to be UNACCEPTABLE, especially as as C-section mom myself, so I've spent much of my career researching, studying, and developing a formal recovery protocol that would become accessible for C-section moms EVERYWHERE!

Let me fill you in on the FIRST step to healing your body from C-section THAT HARDLY ANYONE IS TALKING ABOUT and is beneficial for you whether you gave birth 6 weeks, 6 months ago or 6+ years ago...
Hi! My name is Victoria Dosen and I'm a certified strength coach and personal trainer, postnatal corrective exercise specialist, and I specialize in core and pelvic floor health for moms. I've also gone through two C-sections myself, and I've worked with countless C-sections moms through the course of my 16 (+) career on improving their scars, core and pelvic floor health, fitness, and quality of life!
Soft Tissue Work: Your FIRST + Best + Most Crucial Step Towards a Successful C-section Recovery
After working with hundreds of C-section moms over the years, and being a C-section mom myself, I've learned that the MOST COMMON issue these women were dealing with was complications from Scar Adhesion Buildup. 

Simply put, scar adhesion buildup occurs when your scar tissue "binds" itself to other tissues and internal structures during those first few days and weeks after your C-section.
Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?
The scar adhesions from your incision can pull on core and pelvic floor muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues beneath the skin causing dysfunction like a weak core, leaking urine, and prolapse.
Scar adhesions often contribute to postpartum problems like back and hip pain, reduced flexibility, and loss of joint mobility.
Adhesions can pull on the skin and cause it to bunch up or rest in an abnormal position creating the dreaded "mommy pooch" or "C-section shelf."

Not fun...but VERY fixable... and the solution is called Soft Tissue Work.

Soft tissue work helps to release these adhesions that form after your C-section!  And I'm offering my Restore My Core C-Section: Soft Tissue Work Guide to show you how to do just that and get back to feeling more like yourself in your post-baby body!

Inside the Restore My Core C-Section: Soft Tissue Work Guide, you'll receive...
Quick & Easy Guidelines
In this 5-10 minute soft tissue work routine, you will see and feel a difference in your incision and core healing.
Bonus Education
You will learn how scar tissue adhesions affect digestion, core strength and stability, and core and pelvic floor function.
Video Demonstrations
Both written and video demonstrations are included for this soft tissue work routine, so you know exactly how it's done. it possible to minimize scar tissue from your abdomen AND get rid of your "mommy pooch"?
A Cesarean is major surgery! I know you know this already! 

But what you may not know is that you need to go through proper recovery protocols to fully heal...regardless of whether your C-section was 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6(+)years ago!

If you want to fully recover from your C-Section you MUST undergo a formal recovery protocol, whether it is mine or someone else's. 
However, I wrote Restore My Core C-Section: Soft Tissue Work Guide to be one of the first, most valuable options to start the road to recovery from your C-section!
Are you ready to start healing and finally get rid of the "mommy pooch"?
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